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"Happy are those who dare courageously to defend what they love." 
-Roman Poet Ovid

Are You Going Crazy Trying To Keep Up?

Are you a small or mid-sized business owner or manager? Maybe someone in charge of a nonprofit? Tougher yet, are you in charge of an important, but negatively perceived business such as a nursing home or auto repair shop? If you are in an unpopular industry I bet you're overwhelmed more often than not. You can't get to everything you want to, or even need to. That's where Ever Onward Media can help.
For instance, you've probably been meaning to embrace social media or have some videos created. Maybe you even have some, but they've floundered and rarely get attention. You worry it might be some kind of SEO issue, but you don't even know where to begin with finding out or correcting it. And even if you're a great writer, well . . . you just don't have time for it.
Relax. The truth is you rarely need to pay exorbitant fees to get good content, quality video or social media channels for the attention you need.

I know, because I've been doing that for a lot of businesses for many years, some on staff and some as a freelancer. Many have been for unpopular businesses—even though those businesses are vital.
I encourage you to look over my website and see some of what I've done. Then let's do get in touch. Find out how I can help.

Why Healthcare is Unpopular and How to Fight Back with Social Media

Anita Finley

"If you want someone who knows how to get your business the best bang for the buck in media relations, handle the simplest to the most complex communications project, and do all of this with a smile and great attitude, hire Laura Belgrave at Ever Onward Media."

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